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Deer Park Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Is your loved one charged with a juvenile crime? Get help from a Deer Park criminal defense lawyer.

Have you been charged with a juvenile crime or are you the parent or guardian of a young person facing criminal charges? A Deer Park criminal defense lawyer can help you in defending against these charges. Although juveniles are tried in a different court system, there are still tough sentences handed down and a young person convicted of a crime will face the ongoing repercussions of a criminal record after the penalty has been served. Call my firm, Dennis M. Slate, Attorney at Law I can help to fight for the rights of young people accused of criminal act, and take immediate defense action to fight to avoid the consequences.

Juvenile Crime Lawyer in Deer Park

As the juvenile court system has different rules, penalties and operation, this is all the more reason why you would want your own attorney present. The juvenile court system has no jury and that means that the decisions and sentencing is handed down by one person – the judge. Do you really want to gamble on if this person is generally lenient or is in a good mood that day? This is someone you don't know and any attorney will tell you that judges are human and some are extremely tough while others are more lenient in the sentences they hand down, and their decision vary from day to day.

It is critical that you have legal representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney who will produce intelligent arguments, challenge the constitutionality of arrests and searches and fight to get a dismissal of charges. Don't leave the future of your child to fate. Having an aggressive, qualified lawyer fighting every step of the way is the most important factor in juvenile charges. No one wants to start life with a criminal record, juvenile or otherwise. I will help you in trying to avoid a conviction by preparing a legal strategy that will best serve your interests, and I will be personally committed to fighting for your rights and freedom.

Contact a Deer Park juvenile crime lawyer for an aggressive defense against juvenile crime charges.

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